Carolina UDOVIKO

Carolina started teaching Tango in 1998 at her first studio in the Almagro district in Buenos Aires, then in Brazil where she set up TangoB’Aires with Omar Forte. She settled in France in 2005.

Trained in the Panamericana School of Art, Carolina works to create innovative shows in which she combines multimedia with dance while relying on men’s guiding transposed to women.

She teaches and runs workshops in France and abroad, including Dijon, Poitiers, Tours, Paris, Montpellier as well as Brazil, Argentina, China, Russia, Berlin ...


Today Carolina is personally very much involved in the training of tutors in Dijon and in the project « Tango and Alzheimer ». The use of Music and Tango in non medicated treatment of Alzheimer ‘s disease is at the heart of numerous scientific thinking and works .The documentary  "La Mélodie d'Alzheimer"  "Alzheimer’s Melody"  by  Anne Bramard-Blagny and Julia Blagny  reports a rich experience in this field. Thus it adds a new and fascinating  dimension to her work.

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