Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio

I am Bruno Tombari, a guy from the neighborhood of Villa Ortúzar in Buenos Aires. Tango dancer, milonguero,traveler, teacher. Very football-loving. I laugh a lot and
cry easily, I am funny and a little bit annoying. I grew up between pianists and opera singers, in a family of musicians but with no dancers. I got to know tango thanks
to my father. He was the one that gave me this world of embraces, this expressive and creative language which became my profession, my passion, and which allows me
to discover the world and to meet marvelous persons.
I call it “my adult‘s game”. I try to dance it as freely as I can, prioritizing comfort, fluidity and the union with the music and my partner. Then, all the rest disappears.
And you just have to dance. I love tango, and I am very grateful for its generosity. It is very crazy to exist on what you love, and being conscious of it is a reward.

My name is Rocío, I was born and raised in the West of Gran Buenos Aires, and at the age of 18 I moved to the city center, determined to dedicate myself to dancing. I knew this was what I wanted to do, and although I didn‘t know how, I‘ve never hesitated. This choice, apart from allowing
me to exist on what I like to do most, also gave me some very good friends and experiences. I discovered that I enjoy traveling, that I love living in Buenos Aires, that I don‘t
replace dulce de leche with Nutella, that every person meet has a lesson to give me and that the richest learning s in the exchange with others. And most of all, that if one is
present and willing to play, things can only turn out well.

We like relaxed and informal classes, with exercises that awake the spirit of game. In this way, we want you to find serenity and comfort in your dance. The music guides us, proposes the rules of the
game and offers a place of encounter; always with the objective of increasing your sensibility, whether listening to an orchestra or getting in contact with another person. Understanding how to use
the time, the weight and the space, we can manage to dance with more freedom and less effort, to play with the dance without fear,and to transform every moment in a creative challenge

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