Gustavo Gomez & Marina Carranza

Marina Carranza & Gustavo Gomez,

Marina Caranza started theatre and dance when she was 8. From 1996, Marina studied tango at theTango  University with  "grands maestros"   porteños. She also attended  "el instructorado" with the Dinzel and their "s ystèm".

 But her pedagogy is mainly inspired by the teaching of Claudia Bozzo, great maestra and sociologist who has run  La Escuela del Tango for 30 years. A feminine Marina vision of tango and a creative autonomy are the basis of her teaching.  

 Marina stresses the relation between tango and an intuitive and authentic movement, so as to develop creativity and  offer new  opportunities of expression.

She has danced and performed in various shows in France and  abroad. She is currently working on her new creation of dance-theatre as the director. .

From Argentinian origin, Gustavo Gomez,  a dancer  who teaches tango and Argentine folklore, was trained  by Hernan Obispo, Mingo Pugliese et Los Dinzel.

As a member of several dance companies, he took  part in numerous  tours and festivals in Latin America, Canada and Europe.

 One of his priorities is to offer the taste of an authentic dance where emotion, delicacy and listening create the magic of this dance.

 As a specialist of Argentine folklore, he also wants to make  people discover the richness of  the Argentinian  repertoire and revive popular traditions as an invitation to a journey .

As a child, he started folklore in Buenos Aires with Professeur Orlando Moreira.
In 1986, he entered the Folk Ballet of Los Santos Lugares (dir. Pablo Ruggeri), until 1990.
From 1990 to 1993, he was a member of the Argentine Art Company (dir. Victor Giusto).
From 1993 to 2002, he was part of the Uballet Argentino (dir. Beatriz Durante).

Living in Toulouse since 2003, he has been teaching  tango and hosting the milonga « La Revolución del tango » on Tuesday nights at LA MAQUINA TANGUERA.

He also continues working on Argentine folk dances ( Chacarera, Zamba..) and for 3 times appeared at the Tarbes  International festival  TARBES EN TANGO, as a tango teacher and folk dance  performer .

Gustavo and Marina have been working together for many years ; they are complementary in their teaching and dance.

Both from Buenos Aires, they are influenced by  "la ciudad del Rio de la Plata" and its tanguera  tradition. They use the experience from their  rich and vast  professional career to develop the quality of their pedagogy.

Marina and Gustavo have  separately founded dance companies : Gustavo mixing tango and folklore, Marina working on tango and theatre. Their shows are presented in France and abroad. This artistic background is the personal signature of this couple, fascinated by a creative research in tango and  its transmission .

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