DJ Sara D’Ajello Caracciolo

She has danced tango since1995 and since 2002, has taught in Naples and other cities in  Italy, Spain, France, Britain, The Netherlands, Germany, Argentina. In the musical field, in 2003, along with some friends,  she founded The Sulle Rive del Tango project – a radical  and fascinating selection of  non traditional tango- which currently includes 5 cds published and  distributed worldwide. 

So her own selection as a dj is the expression of a collective work plus her personal  feelings, which makes it eclectic, mixing both  traditional and alternative music. 
“ We are looking for a tango hiding in the different styles of music in order to create an inspired landscape, keeping one eye on the dancefloor and  the other towards the inner self.”

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Milonga Massey

Milonga - Jardin Massey

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