Music classes

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Music Workshop

Musicians can register for the following workshops :

Registrations for the workshops have to be made as soon as possible to allow us to send you the  scores before the workshops.

Bring your instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass, bandoneon, flute, guitar, clarinet...). Pianos are at your disposal, but in limited numbers.


Instrument Pass Fee : 205 € / Reduced Rate 122 € only for students younger than 26 and secondary school pupils providing written proof.

Workshop Timetable :
6 workshops of 5 hours (for a total of 30 hours) from Monday 21nd to Saturday 26th August, from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm  (The timetable is different for bandoneonists).

4 options :

Orchestra option

For amateur musicians with a good instrumental practice and professionals starting tango.

The musicians of the Silbando orchestra will teach the workshop :  Chloë Pfeiffer (piano and direction), Carmela Delgado (bandoneon), Mathias Nanon (violin), Lucas Eubel (bass).
Be careful ! Piano class full !

Bandoneon option

Required level : a good knowledge of the instrument and of the left and right fingerboards.

The bandoneonist Marcelo Mercadante will teach the workshop.

Guitar option

The guitarist Diego Trosman will teach the workshop.

Parilla singer accompaniment option

The multi-instrumentist and singer Alfonso Pacin will teach the workshop.

Exceptionnal event ! A Master Class is organised in the afternoon of Thursday 24th for the musicians taking part in the music workshop with the Quinteto Real Orchestra musicians, under the direction of Cesar Salgan, in close collaboration with the teachers of the music workshop. A composition by Horacio Salgan will be analysed and played within a large musical ensemble.


Singer Pass Fee : 205 € / Reduced rate 122 € only for students younger than 26 and secondary school pupils providing written proof.  

Workshop timetable :
6 workshops of 5 hours (adding up to 30 hours) from Monday 21nd to Saturday 26th August from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

Ana Karina RossiHernán Genovese and Mirtha Alcaraz Dahhani will teach the interpretation and vocal technique classes, dedicated to tango.

Singers will be split into groups to better adapt the teaching to their levels.
They should have basic knowledge of Spanish.
The participants have to work on their partitions before the workshop.
At the end, the singers and the « parilla singer accompaniment option »  musicians will show the work they accomplished during the week.


DJ Pass Fee : 82 € (no reduced rate)

Workshop timetable :
3 workshops of 3 hours (9 hours) from Wednesday 23th to Friday 25th August from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.
A minimum de 5 registrations on 31st August are needed to maintain the DJ Pass.

TangoDJCéline DEVEZE will teach this workshop.

The Dj plays a very important part in a successful evening. Thanks to his musical programme, he takes control over the energy and the milonga, and he is responsible for the smoothly-working course of the dance.

Such a perception is fundamental.
« Knowing how to read » what the dancers wish for on the dance floor is what the workshop aims at. Hence the milonga can be a success. 
A minimum of 5 registrations on 8th August is required to maintain the DJ Pass Workshop.

Sessions opened to new DJS or future DJS  looking for further  training. The aim of these sessions is to get to know the various approaches to put tango music on during a MUSICAL  SET (Milonga)

The study of these techniques will be based on construction, order, and possible tandas sequences so as to perfectly adjust the energy of  a milonga, at night or in the afternoon,  according to the richness of the different musical energies and colours of  Tango orchestrations .

 Each session will start with :

1/ 1h 30 of logistic, technical and historical study of tango music.

2/then for another 1 h30, a collective work of role –playing musical situation on the computer.

A 3-day workshop :
Your  work tool …. Your ears !! and a huge passion for tango dance and music .

Wednesday – Workshop 1 (3h)

  14H-15H30 => TANGO & ORCHESTRAS (Study of music)

15h30-17H00 => TEAMGAME (Teamgames or group work ) on the theme proposed.

Thursday : Workshop II (3h) 

14H-15H30 => ART/ KNOWLEDGE of the  DJ,  Programming a MILONGA 

15h30-17H00 => TEAMGAMES, creation of musical cycles (work group)

Friday- Workshop III (3h) 


15h30-17H00 => TEAMGAMES, comparison of musical cycles (work group).

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